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Co-founder of Volterra Technologies Shares Why He’s Participating in Project Greenlight

We caught up with Ian McAvoy, co-founder and CEO, to learn what attracted Volterra Technologies to Project Greenlight

The team at Vancouver-based Volterra Technologies is passionate about electric vehicles – so passionate they invented the EVCare Technology Software Platform, which uses advanced telematics and predictive analytics to optimize electric vehicle battery health and extend lifecycles up to 15 percent, ultimately reducing costs for fleet owners.

We caught up with Ian McAvoy, co-founder and CEO, to learn what attracted Volterra Technologies to Project Greenlight.

Why did you decide to participate in Project Greenlight?

Through our involvement with the GDDP program [the precursor to Project Greenlight], we partnered on a venture with the City of Vancouver that explored several clean energy alternatives, including deploying emerging electric vehicle (EV) energy-efficiency optimization technologies.

We envisioned taking our successes with GDDP and employing them in Project Greenlight – a rebranded and upgraded program that provides opportunities for Vancouver-based innovators to partner with local enterprises seeking technology solutions. This is a great innovation accelerator opportunity to execute our expedited path to market.

What Project Greenlight challenges have captured your interest?

Volterra Technologies is laser-focused on fleet technology innovation, with a particular interest in electric vehicles and battery health – essentially, we provide fleet managers with actionable insights into battery operation and maintenance management. We have been preparing for a partnership and relationship with TransLink, a direction we decided on before incorporating. Seeing TransLink as a founding member of Project Greenlight made our decision to engage with the program one of the easiest in our venture to date.

Do you have a solution for TransLink?

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How can Project Greenlight amplify awareness of Volterra and its technologies?

Providing the opportunity to partner with TransLink to develop, test and refine our EVCare battery health innovative telematics platform is a major benefit to us. We are grateful that the Vancouver Economic Commission provides valuable tools, advisory and encouragement to local technology companies that see Vancouver as a preferred location to grow – after all, accelerators and economic development organizations play an important role in the success of early-stage innovators like Volterra Technologies. We hope to be part of the first cohort of Project Greenlight, and become a success story in the emerging EV technology sector.

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