Attention, Enterprises:

Join the Region’s Demonstration Network

Our members include public and private enterprises across Metro Vancouver that manage at least $1 billion in assets—including buildings, fleets, energy grids, and industrial facilities.

Members share a common vision to meet their ambitious goals and innovation agendas by demonstrating and deploying technology through a more collaborative, streamlined process. Project Greenlight offers an alternative to traditional procurement processes, using calls for innovation to facilitate access to new technology and solutions that may not otherwise be discovered. This allows members to fast-track innovation and more effectively serve their customers and stakeholders, and become smarter, more digitally-enabled, and more sustainable.

If your enterprise meets the above criteria, contact us for further information.

What’s in it for you?

Project Greenlight is a partnership-focused demonstration platform that connects public and private enterprises with the technology community. Key benefits to you:

  • Surface and address pain points and blind spots
  • Access a wider range of pre-screened innovations
  • Fast track innovation via our streamlined intake process
  • Lower administrative burden associated with screening unsolicited inquiries
  • Strengthen technology competency and boost capacity to onboard projects
  • Receive promotional support for innovation calls
  • Advance smart and sustainable branding
  • Tap into an exclusive network of Project Greenlight enterprise members

A Pathway to Innovation

How it works

The Intake Framework

With guidance from the Project Greenlight team, our members customize and implement two pathways, or intake processes:

  1. Targeted calls help members discover innovative solutions to specific, complex challenges and pain points.
  2. Open calls allow members to collect and review innovative proposals that align with their strategic priorities, on an ongoing basis.

The Project Greenlight team promotes all calls for innovation to its expansive innovator network, with the goal of scouting, shortlisting, and connecting members with promising candidates.

The Project Greenlight difference

In conventional practice, companies with challenges to solve, request solutions from the market via traditional procurement channels—the RFEOI and RFP process. The strict boundaries and specifications inherent in this approach tend to constrain the pool of responses to longstanding technology vendors and traditional market suppliers. In contrast, Project Greenlight uses innovation calls to solicit proposals from small- and medium-sized businesses that might not regularly track traditional procurement channels. This approach allows our members to access a more diverse and deeper innovation pool.

Project Greenlight helps members more quickly adopt solutions to their complex challenges. Each call for innovation follows a simple, standardized process:

Step 1

Challenge & Governance

The Project Greenlight team works with you to identify a high-value challenge. Together, we’ll establish a governance framework, assessment criteria, and selection committee.

Step 2

Launch Innovation Call

We solicit proposals from leading innovators.

Step 3

Application Period

We guide innovators through the application process.

Step 4

Proposal Shortlist

We assess and shortlist proposals, and prepare them for presentation to you.

Step 5

Project Awarded

Assuming the short-listed proposal suits your needs, you’ll sign an agreement with the innovator.

Step 6

Project Implemented

The innovator deploys its solution.

Step 7

Project Evaluated

Our team promotes project successes through social and traditional media, and reports project outcomes.

Member network

Project Greenlight is a network of public and private enterprises across Metro Vancouver.

Our members are united by ambitious goals to deliver on their smart and sustainable goals. Our partnership-focused demonstration platform helps them find those solutions, either right here at home or from game-changing innovators abroad.

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Common Questions

If you are wondering if your organization would be a good fit for Project Greenlight, you might have some questions about how the program works, what the benefits are and how to get started. Here are the answers to some common questions:

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