Attention, Ambitious Innovators:

Opportunities to Pilot your Tech

Project Greenlight’s membership network seeks innovators who are well positioned to solve some of our region’s toughest technology challenges.

We’re looking for driven, focused, and innovative technology leaders to pilot their solutions atop some of the region’s largest infrastructure networks, including stormwater systems, energy hubs, transit systems, municipal vehicle fleets and commercial real estate portfolios.

As large and complex enterprises, our members are faced with ongoing challenges and constantly seeking new and innovative ways to maximize asset value. Is your emerging technology the fix they’re looking for? Can your product offerings make a difference? Perhaps your technology solution captures new efficiencies and reduces costs. Maybe it offers a platform that can access and monitor complex systems, predict critical issues and failures before they happen, provide data transparency, or toolkits that take corrective action to save valuable time and money. Whatever your solution, our members want to hear from you.

Our partnership-focused demonstration platform was designed to foster an environment of creative and collaborative problem-solving.

As we work together to scale your company and technology, we can create positive impacts across the economy, and grow together over the long term.

We don’t always need earth-shattering ideas: after all, the simplest concepts sometimes have the biggest impact. If your company envisions bringing smart and sustainable solutions to market, we want to hear from you.

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What’s in it for You?

Project Greenlight is a partnership-focused demonstration platform that connects the technology community with public and private enterprises. By participating, you will:

  • Gain a deep understanding of members’ pain points and needs
  • Pilot your new solution or commercialized technology used in an adjacent industry
  • Validate your technology’s performance in a “real-world” environment
  • Optimize your solution’s features and ruggedize your product based on feedback
  • Leverage the opportunity to acquire new customers and strategic partners
  • Potentially scale your solution across a member’s full asset portfolio
  • Add a powerful ‘proof of concept’ testimonial to your marketing materials

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A Pathway to Commercialization

How it works

Project Greenlight offers you a fast-track to pilot your solution with public and private enterprises and potentially scale across their asset portfolios. Working closely with members, we have designed and activated two pathways, or intake processes, for you to submit proposals:

  1. Targeted calls are specific to well-defined challenges that members need addressing and have a clearly defined scope and fixed timeline.
  2. Open calls are an ongoing solicitation for innovative proposals that are not timebound; you can submit proposals at any time for periodic review.

Want to get involved? Here’s how:

Step 1


We’re always seeking new companies to participate in our platform! Create your account, register as an innovator and build your company profile. You’ll be among the first to learn of new challenges as they’re issued. Get started.

Step 2


We regularly post challenges so be sure to sign for our newsletter to be notified. Review the challenge, check eligibility requirements, and note all submission deadlines.

Step 3


Make note of any questions, and feel free to contact us to determine whether your solution is a potential fit.

Step 4


Work with your team to develop a solution that directly addresses the member’s strategic priorities.

Step 5


Submit your solution through Project Greenlight’s online platform. Our team may come back to you with questions or clarifications. Learn more about how to submit a proposal.

Step 6


Shortlisted companies will be chosen for in-depth review, and will pitch directly to the member (we’ll provide a template).

Step 7


You’ll work closely with the member to refine and enhance your proposed ideas.

Step 8


Winning submissions will confirm project details and sign a contract prior to deployment.

Member network

Project Greenlight is a network of public and private enterprises across Metro Vancouver.

Our members are united by ambitious goals to deliver on their smart and sustainable goals. Our partnership-focused demonstration platform helps them find those solutions, either right here at home or from game-changing innovators abroad.

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Common Questions

If you are new to Project Greenlight, you might have some questions about how the program works, what the benefits are and how to get started. Here are the answers to some common questions:

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