Intelligent City

Project Greenlight’s open call process solicits innovative ideas that address complex challenges facing public and private enterprises (“members”). Whether your submission involves an emerging technology you are bringing to market, or a commercially available solution used in an adjacent industry, it must be unique, scalable, and align with the City of New Westminster’s strategic priorities.

The Intelligent City strategy operationalizes New Westminster’s vision for building the most livable and technologically advanced city in Canada. The plan includes a framework for leveraging technology and external partnerships to meet three key goal areas: 1) increasing citizen engagement using digital services; 2) improving the city’s operational effectiveness; and 3) building intelligent infrastructure that enables a safe and secure community.

In support of these goals, the City of New Westminster has identified the following key areas that require digital innovation:

1. Digital government, including solutions to:
  • Improve overall service delivery
  • Increase access to digital tools; open data; online service choices to increase engagement and connectivity; and e-government tools to improve capacity to support digital literacy for all.
  • Ensure efficient and timely business licensing.
  • Enable a more effective data-driven operational environment.
2. Intelligent infrastructure solutions for a safer, more secure community, including:
  • Next-generation wireless infrastructure.
  • Internet-connected devices (street lights, parking meters, garbage containers).
  • Integrated urban systems that promote health, wellness, the environment, and transportation systems.

The City of New Westminster is particularly focused on bringing positive and inclusive benefits in the digital economy while building on its community assets, including the BridgeNet open-access fibre network.

Desired Outcome

The City of New Westminster is committed to driving continuous innovation in its delivery of programs, projects, and processes. Successful proponents may be invited to pilot their solution within the city’s infrastructure and asset portfolio. Proposals should directly relate to the above stated priorities and areas of need. Please note: the City does not require an engagement platform.


Engaging the City of New Westminster could lead to one of the following scenarios:

  • A proponent conducting a demonstration of its solution
  • The City issuing a call to seek market responses to the goods and services being offered
  • The City pursuing the proposal
  • The City not pursuing the proposal
  • Another option as mutually agreed

Note: all inquiries and proposals must be submitted through the Project Greenlight website. If you have a question, check the FAQ for commonly asked questions; alternatively, you can submit your query using the Contact Us form. Please do not contact members directly.

Evaluation Criteria


Review Process

The Project Greenlight team (Vancouver Economic Commission and Foresight sector leads) undertakes a standardized review process across all challenges. Proponents should review the eligibility criteria for their specific challenges, as each has its own requirements. Proponents should also closely review the Application Handbook [PDF].


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