Digital Clean Technology

Project Greenlight’s open call process solicits innovative ideas that address complex challenges facing public infrastructure bodies and private enterprises (“members”). Whether your submission involves an emerging technology you are bringing to market, or a commercially available solution used in an adjacent industry, it must be unique, scalable, and aligned with QuadReal’s strategic priorities.

In support of its commitment to building stronger communities, QuadReal integrates environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into its core activities.

This includes its corporate, global real estate, mortgage management, due diligence, and investing activities. The company holds itself responsible by benchmarking its ESG performance through the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark.

To further these activities, QuadReal is actively making investments in innovation across its residential, office, and light-industrial real estate portfolio. Areas of interest include:

1. Improvements in connectivity:

  • Base building/back-of-house
  • Tenant services
  • Wired/wireless
  • Interior/exterior environments

2. Improvements in digital security, including solutions that mitigate vulnerabilities in building-management systems.
3. Fault detection and control systems that require minimal intervention and integrate multiple building-management technologies.
4. Occupancy tracking systems, both static and dynamic.
5. Anything that enhances one of the following:

  • Sustainability
  • Tenant experience
  • Operational efficiency
  • Management command and control, including mobile solutions for roaming building managers

6. Value-added built services enhanced by new technology.

QuadReal is particularly interested in leveraging open platforms to aggregate data from different sensors and/or technologies into a single command-and-control display.

Desired Outcome

QuadReal is committed to reducing the carbon footprint of its Canadian operations by 80% before 2050, with the goal of unlocking new thinking, synergies, and partnerships. The company aims to earn trust, help its tenants and residents flourish, and help its neighbours thrive.

A successful solution will demonstrate environmental, social, and governance performance via tests and pilot installations. Where relevant, it will collect accurate data on reduced impacts or increased efficiencies.

Successful solutions will achieve the above benefits while lowering operating and/or maintenance costs. Where relevant, the technology will identify any potential issue prior to failure more than 90% of the time.


Successful solutions may be invited to pilot their solution on QuadReal’s infrastructure. Successful pilots may be invited to extend their solution across the company’s real estate portfolio.

Note: all inquiries and proposals must be submitted through the Project Greenlight website. If you have a question, check the FAQ for commonly asked questions; alternatively, you can submit your query using the Contact Us form. Please do not contact members directly.

Evaluation Criteria


Review Process

The Project Greenlight team (Vancouver Economic Commission and Foresight sector leads) undertakes a standardized review process across all challenges. Proponents should review the eligibility criteria for their specific challenges, as each has its own requirements. Proponents should also closely review the Application Handbook [PDF].


Additional Resources

  • QuadReal uses the BehrTech MYTHINGS™ wireless Internet of Things connectivity platform. Ideally, proposed solutions should be compatible with this platform. If the proponent’s solution does not yet support MYTHINGS™, QuadReal accepts guidance on the scope required to leverage the platform’s application programming interface (API).
  • Building insurance premiums and deductibles are increasing at a dramatic rate across the country. The proponent could access significant QuadReal funding if its proposed solution demonstrably mitigates insurance risks such as flooding and extreme weather events.